VIP Cleaning Service Company, Inc. has a system (Ceiling Pro International) to restore acoustical ceiling tiles to like-new condition, quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

Nicotine, smoke, cooking grease, soot, and dirt are removed from the surface through a chemical action which breaks the bond between dirt and the ceiling. The soil is reduced to milli-micron size (not visible to the human eye), falls to the floor, and is picked up in normal vacuuming.

Advantages/Benefits from using the “Ceiling Pro” system
Ceiling tile restored to like-new condition.
• Unsafe, ineffective painting eliminated.

• End costly and messy replacement programs.

• No dirty, dusty business interruptions.
• Sound absorbing qualities and fire retardant values maintained.
• Safety tested chemicals (no bleach or strong oxidizing agents).
• Meets OSHA requirements.
Our system utilizes
• State of the art equipment.
• Specially formulated solutions.
• Trained technicians.

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