VIP Cleaning Service Company, Inc. will cater to all your cleaning needs with exceptional quality and professionalism. Below you will find a listing showing some of the services we have available. Click on the specific service to learn more.

Janitorial Service/Commercial Cleaning
We have the tools and the skills necessary to clean your office areas correctly, no matter how large or small the space. We schedule the time to clean your space to fit your needs, not ours. We also use environmentally safe chemicals to promote a healthy workspace as well as perform regular inspections.

Hood and Vent Cleaning
We use our advanced cleaning system to clean your hoods and vents right the first time with professionalism and safe chemicals. We also provide a "Certificate of Cleaning" for your insurance provider as well as a "Certification of Cleaning" sticker which shows when your system was cleaned. Our customers say this is an immense help during inspections.

Pressure Washing
We utilize a truck-mounted pressure washer, with steam capability, and trained technicians to pressure wash your drive-thru lanes, loading docks and warehouse areas, as well as parking bays, decks, patios and recreational areas. We have experience in cleaning manufactured homes, masonry walls and preparation for painting.

Floor Maintenance
We have the experience to clean and maintain all types of hard surface floors as well as all types of carpet.

Ceiling/Wall Cleaning
We use the "Ceiling Pro" system to effectively clean your ceilings and walls with safety tested chemicals, meaning no bleach or strong oxidizing agents are used. Our system ensures the sound absorbant and fire retardant qualities are maintained without messy or dusty business interruptions. We use state of the art equipment and specially formulated chemicals along with our trained technicians to meet all OSHA requirements.

Financial Institution Drive-Thru Bay Cleaning
We utilize our truck-mounted, steam-capability, pressure washer to clean overhead canopies, concrete aprons, islands, and the exterior of pneumatic tube systems, as well as clean and polish the exterior stainless steel mechanical drawers. We can also clean your guard posts, exterior windows, building columns, facings, cloth canopies, and ATM machines.

Machine Cleaning
We have over 10 years experience in cleaning plastic injection mold machines and other types of manufacturing equipment.

Fleet Vehicle Cleaning
We are equipped to handle all your fleet vehicle cleaning needs – whatever size it may be.